wrist pin cushion tutorial!

while i was working on my skirt and losing pins everywhere,
i thought about those handy wrist pin cushions that i've seen but never actually bought...
so i decided to make myself one and take pictures along the way so you can make one too!



- scissors, needle, embroidery thread
- elastic (even a spare hair tie would work)
- pretty fabric
- felt
- stuffing fluffing
- a little piece of cardboard (i ripped off a tab from a cereal box and it was the perfect size!)


since the cardboard piece i had was the perfect size,
i used that as a guide to cut out the fabric and felt,
leaving some extra for seam allowance.

then i sewed the fabric to the felt with a straight stitch using the embroidery thread
only along three of the sides.
that's when i slid in the cardboard in and filled it with fluff, then sewed that side shut.

(in case you're wondering about the cardboard,
i have a habit of stabbing myself all the time with pins,
and thought if there was something stiff at the bottom of the cushion
i would be less likely to hurt myself... haha!)


just to add an extra bit of cuteness, i decided to cut a scalloped edge on the felt.
pinking shears would look cute too, but i still need to buy some of those...


measure out the elastic to fit comfortably on your wrist
and then sew it on the back.

then stick a couple pins in and you're ready to go!
i am so happy with how cute it turned out
considering it only took about an hour to make.
now i'm ready for some marathon sewing!

i hope you found this tutorial helpful,
be sure to let me know if it inspired you to make a new pincushion!

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  1. This is adorable! Love it.

    Katie x

  2. What a cute DIY idea! Saw this on craftgawker and had to check it out!
    I'm your newest follower by the way :)

    What camera do you use, btw? Your pictures are great!


    The Creative Muslimah @ www.thecreativemuslimah.blogspot.com

  3. adorable I love how you changed the wrist band :D

  4. I love it. Would love to make one with a vintage hankie....
    Thanks so much
    Found you thru craft gawker by the way.

  5. Really cute! I'm going to make one this weekend!

  6. this is very cute! and very useful ^_^

  7. Great idea! Just found it. Always wanted to make one and this is the easy one to make. I can make it and give as a little gift.


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