please hold while i gush -
reasons why i love my husband:

we had our first midnight fist fight last night. somehow i snacked him square in the nose, twice, which resulted in me giving him a bloody nose. so this morning while i was getting ready for school he woke up and made me pancakes. that's true love right there :]

that, and he surprised me yesterday by shaving his head. i think it makes his cheek bones stand out.

old picture of my top model with his old/new haircut.


  1. you weren't really fighting were you? domestic abuse!!!

    ps...I thought you used to have some comment about your pictures being grainy but I don't see it anymore which may mean you have fixed your problem, but I shall suggest anyway...have you checked your ISO? If it's too high that can add noise to your pictures...

  2. well on my computer at home it looks grainy only after i upload it online, but on the computers at school it looks fine... i think it just likes to tease me. stupid computers. :]

  3. for the record i was sound asleep when the punching was happening. i woke up to a sleep walking michael ann back handing the bridge of my nose twice. it must have been a great dream.


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